Welcome to the online art contest "The Future We Want" organized by the Perception Change Project of UN Geneva on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the United Nations.
The UN is marking its 75th anniversary at a time of great disruption for the world. Covid-19 is a stark reminder of the need for cooperation across borders, sectors and generations. Global dialogue – and action – is now more urgent than ever, to not let this pandemic lead to greater mistrust. 2020 must be a year of dialogue, when we come together to discuss our priorities as a human family, and how we can build a better future for all.

Art is often an enabling tool to foster a conversation about the kind of future we want and how we can empower youth in working towards it.

To this end, the Perception Change Project in the Office of the Director-General of UN Geneva organized this worldwide art contest opened to all Geneva-based UN Missions. Each work of art on this website was submitted by Geneva-based permanent missions. All five continents are represented.

The online contest was opened for votes from May 18 to June 18 and gathered almost 17,000 votes. The 10 artworks cumulating the highest rating scores are (in alphabetic order): “An Ideal World”, “Diversity Crowd”, “Freedom”, “Left behind”, “London-Moscow”, “Maria Bertha”, “The future that we dream -- a harmonious world of coexistence”, “Untitled Land”, “Wall” and “We Want A Safe, Sound, Beautiful and Prosperous World For All of Us”.

An international jury of nine art-knowledgeable children, formed with the help of UNIS and WFP graded these 10 artworks.

The top 3 artworks that the young jury voted for, were:

- “Wall” by Sigita Maslauskaitė-Mažylienė, submitted by the Permanent Mission of Lithuania.

- “Diversity Crowd” by Luigi Olivadoti, submitted by the Permanent Mission of Liechtenstein.

- “The future that we dream -- a harmonious world of coexistence” by ZHAO Peizhi, submitted by the Permanent Mission of the People's Republic of China.

The Director-General of the United Nations Office at Geneva, Ms. Tatiana Valovaya, selected the 4th winner from the remaining top 10 artworks: “Maria Bertha” by Leca Araujo, submitted by the Permanent Mission of Brazil.

The United Nations Office at Geneva would like to congratulate the 3 winners and award them with a book about them, published by the Perception Change Project. The winner of the Director-General’s special prize will be invited to exhibit some of their work in the Palais des Nations at an agreed upon date.

As soon as circumstances allow, the United Nations Office at Geneva will organize the contest exhibition at the Palais des Nations and all the 44 permanent missions who participated in the contest will be invited to display the artwork that was entered. The inauguration date envisioned is the 22nd of October 2020, to mark UN Day.